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Time to evolve our Recruitment pipeline

A successful recruitment process will see the match of a client and a candidate. The client will welcome a candidate who can help strengthen their team and aid them in achieving the shared goal of the company. And the candidate will be provided a platform by the client to help achieve their personal and professional goals.

I feel one of the main reasons why I like the recruitment process is the fact that it is a ‘process’!! It either works or it does not. And if something is broken, what should you do? Yes you should fix it.

If the electrical circuit does not work, you would not expect the engineer to sit down and cry….no you would hope that they would backward engineer to find the break in the circuit, make the required repairs and complete the circuit.

So the first step is to write out your recruitment pipeline. This is an illustration of all the individual stages of the candidate’s journey. Just imagine it like the dating process, from Swiping Right on Tinder all the way to Walking down the aisle on your wedding day. In both circumstances there are a lot of stages to comprehend.

Click on the link is find our model example of a recruitment pipeline.

Once you have illustrated the pipeline, next up is to do a deeper dive and identify any cracks in the pipeline.

The variants I would look at are- Time, Cost and Experience.

And the three angles I want to look at the pipeline from are from the Client(Yourself, the employer), the Recruitment team(the team sourcing the talent, this also may be yourself!) and the Candidate(the person applying for the role).

Free steal-------(Now I like tables so I have prepared an easy table on the attached document, fell free to steal!)

As you can see from the table, the exercise is pretty straight forward.

Look at each stage and fill in the blanks. Now don’t worry, at this point you will probably not know all the solutions straight away. That will come from you doing your homework or reaching out to myself and I can see where I can assist.

It may even be the case where you cannot identify the problems that are currently in your pipeline. My advice on this one would be to open yourself to feedback off everybody who is involved in the recruitment process especially the Candidates…..yes that’s right, its time to swallow your ego and see if the candidate can offer you any ways to improve.

Once you have found a possible solution, get busy and trial different approaches.

Let’s take the example of it now being time for you to evolve your business and you feel the use of video conferencing will help. Well don’t just sign up for the first one year contract that you see. Research the main platforms (Zoom, Google, Skype etc). What are the pros and cons of each one, can you apply for a free trial to test the platform.

At the end of each trial ask for feedback from everybody involved this will help you for a structured conclusion on which programme to go with.

So that is an example from one section of the pipeline, take the time to do a deep dive on the other components of the pipeline.

I hope this brief on how we have carried out an audit on our recruitment pipeline has proved useful. If you have any further questions just reach out and ask.

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