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PODCAST: 8 Hacks to not lose your sh*t!

Now, you can replace that last word with something a bit more family friendly - but the issue is real. Losing control of your mind or attitude - it's bound to happen at some point, so how do we keep a cool head in certain situations? Be Interactive investigates!

Go on the offence.

Imagine a kid running around, and falling over - hurting their knee in the process. There are a few seconds of calm before he or she likely bursts into tears. Do you think the reaction of a parent could alter the child's? If the parent(s) get the kid laughing, they are going to feel better. If they walk over there like his or her knee is about to fall off, their reaction will mirror it!

Just like in sales - a good attitude is the best form of medication.

Here's a challenge for yourself. Take out your mobile phone, take a selfie doing the biggest smile you possibly can. Save that picture, throughout the day, if you feel like your losing sh*t - just take your phone and bring up that saved snap, and decide which one you want to look more like! Go on the offence with controlling your attitude!

Time management.

Mistakes usually happen when people are in a rush, that's a fair statement, right? When people are rushing tasks they tend to make crazy decisions! So in sales, for example, to counteract that we need to allocate as much time as possible when talking to customers - the more time you have, the more composure you have, the better service you can deliver. Simple.

Let's say you want to learn a new skill - you want to make sure you're first in line to get as much education from as many sources as possible. This will make you more talented, more composed, and able to compete and achieve at a higher level. Allocating enough time to perform tasks to the best of your ability is paramount.

Know the rules of the game.

Before you enter a competition or try out a sport, always ask the rules of the game. You've got to know the game that you're playing.

Think of Uno, for example. Depending on which country you come from, the rules will probably vary. You need to know what they are so you don't get blindsided! In sales, a simple thing that's going to happen is that way more customers are going to say 'no' than 'yes' - it's just part of the game. Don't be shocked when it happens. Fail to prepare then prepare to fail!

Hustle, grind - and other #insta words people are using for hard work!

Any form of success takes time. It takes a concentrated effort over a consistent period of time - always. You wouldn't go to the gym once and expect to lift the heaviest weights without looking like an idiot, would you?! When muscles are worked they tear, and are replaced - slowly getting stronger each time.

Whatever you're lacking for in skill - double down in work ethic. Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard!

Be on the Hunt.

In sales, you want to be a heat-seeking missile to as many customers you can. The more people you speak to, the more chances you have of getting a result. If you are in a leadership role - you want to be looking at the people around you and looks like they have the best attitude, or who looks the hungriest for success. Be on the hunt!


Before the age of 18, the average person is told the word 'no' over 100,000 times. Whether you want a cookie, to climb a tall tree, or to go to a party with your friends - as we grow up we hear this word a lot.

In contrast, we are only told the word 'yes' by our parents a couple of hundred times. Put it into perspective, you're playing the long game!


Shopping - there's always people who go super slow, taking it VERY easy dawdling about. Depending on how much patience you have, this can be quite frustrating. Are you one of those people strolling around like a vagrant - or are you determined to get what you need and get out?

Focus doesn't mean you need to have big goals, or having a perfect 'why' - or laying out the next 5,10 years of your life in great detail - but having a daily, weekly or monthly goal to focus on would be good - and when you set yourself a goal, reward yourself accordingly for achieving it. The reward will help you push on through.

Remember - you're in the driving seat. You decide which direction you are going in and how fast you go. Who cares if your uncle Bob is asking why you're working on a Saturday - it's your life, not his.

Who knows, with the help of some of these hacks, you might be able to retire 20 years before he was able to!

- End.

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