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The 3 reasons why people are choosing entrepreneurship over Uni

As a business that works with people from a variety of different educational backgrounds and work experience levels, we thought we’d have our say on why there seems to be a trend growing in the younger generations of ‘skipping’ Uni to get right in the thick of it.

So, are we becoming more rebellious? Why are more people saying ‘no’ to university?

We have identified 3 key reasons why we believe some people are pursuing entrepreneurship at an earlier stage than has been seen before:

1) The Experience

Many university graduates throughout Australia (and worldwide) find themselves with their square academic cap in their hands and a tonne of theoretical knowledge in their brains, but not much to boast about in terms of practical experience.

While universities and course modules are being improved all the time, there’s still not enough exposure to real business scenarios for our liking, and we believe that’s why some people are sidestepping university for the entrepreneurial route and apprenticeships.

Indeed, creating or working with a small business exposes someone to many different elements of the marketing mix, which is essential for learning how businesses can survive and thrive in 2019. Working for a startup or being a one-man band might appear to be throwing themselves in the deep end, but the valuable lessons taught in these environments usually lasts a lifetime.

2) The Money

Many individuals belonging to the younger generation are choosing entrepreneurship for the money - and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.

To want more money for yourself doesn’t make you greedy. Money gives us more options in life and affords us the unique power to provide. Money settles the rent. Money pays the bills. Money can solve a fair amount of life’s problems - It makes you self-sufficient.

We believe money is also one of the principal reasons more young people now prefer to take on entrepreneurship and promising business opportunities in place of job hunting - and even university degrees. They believe that they can adopt a student mentality each and every day and by taught by mentors or via podcasts instead of in the classroom - all the while gaining practical experience.

University fees are also only ever seem to be increasing, so the commitment becomes larger and more unappetising to a lot of people in society.

3) The Freedom

With all the influencers shoving their curated, ‘perfect’ lives in our faces 24/7 it’s planted the seed that there is a more excitable life out there for a lot of people than just a 9-5 desk job. While social media is not always a good thing, we think this sort of awareness is good. It’s shown people that there are alternative career / lifestyle paths out there.

However, earning entrepreneurial freedom has a price. It also takes time. If you want the freedom to do the work you love, be financially independent, and support your lifestyle, then it’s going to take time.

“Entrepreneurship is living a few years of your life like most people won’t so you can spend the rest of your life like most people can’t.”

Many people who quit their jobs for entrepreneurship have never lost so much sleep, been so scared, or felt more alone and lost - people who swap university out for this path may well encounter the same scenarios.

Money, work or business should not control your life - you should control it, and make the money work for you. If successful, pursuing entrepreneurship will grant you freedoms that you’d never get in five lifetimes in other job roles.

Here are some examples of successful entrepreneurs who dropped out of college / university - or simply didn’t go at all:

• Bill Gates

• Mark Zuckerberg

• Steve Jobs

• Larry Ellison

• Jack Dorsey

As you can see the list includes Microsoft founder Bill Gates - who is worth 100 billion dollars. Larry Ellison dropped out of two colleges, the University of Illinois and the University of Chicago before founding Oracle. He’s estimated to be worth a cool $60 billion.

We now live in a world where you can start a business at any age and at any education level. So, what’s your next move?


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