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Due to our successes in the Australian market we have been asked to expand our operations across the Atlantic to the United States of America. Basing ourselves in the city that never sleeps we will be looking to provide sales and marketing strategies to some of America's largest service providers

Executive Expansion Team


Ronan O'Connor

Executive Director

Ronan O’Connor is a sales coach, mentor, public speaker, business owner and investor. 

The now successful entrepreneur found his passion for the direct sales and marketing industry after bouncing back from personal chaos endured from the 2008 recession.

Ronan has been recruiting and training sales teams in the direct sales industry for the last 10 years.


Since arriving in Australia in 2013 he has personally overseen sales forces of 100+ people, and worked with some of the biggest multinational companies in the world in the telecommunications, security and non-profit sectors.

Ronan is a regular public speaker, and has mentoring engagements with young people all around the world. It is during these keynote speeches and seminars that talks up the importance of mental strength, and learning to weather the storms that sink many small enterprises during their formative years.

Jodie Buckles profile.png

Jodie Buckles

Executive Director

Jodie Buckles is an experienced Director with a demonstrated history of working in the marketing and sales industry. Skilled in Business Planning, Sales Operations, Sales Management, Face to Face Sales, and Business-to-Business (B2B).

Jodie is passionate about people, I’ve always been fascinated and whole heartedly interested to know what you like, what you hate and what makes you tick this has lead me to coaching, mentoring and leading a sales and marketing company. I love teaching and coaching people, watching them grow and being successful in whatever they want to achieve.

Jodie's recent company travels have included the UK & USA. Her goal is to continue to travel, meeting remarkable leaders, learning from them and implementing their successful strategies back to her Sydney office.

daVID locke profile 2.png

David Locke

Executive Director

David Locke has 5 years experience in sales, public speaking and coaching entrepreneurs in their business endeavours.

Graduating with a Bachelor of Business in 2015 - he entered the sales and marketing industry to follow his passion for working with and understanding the business of people

Working with non-profit, telecommunications and health sector clients - he has overseen teams of up to 35 people generating millions in revenue and huge customer databases.

Looking to turn his experience into a huge national presence in the U.S - Dave plans on investing in the most important, versatile and productive asset - it's people.

Leadership Team

Bradley Molloy.png

Bradley Molloy

Sales Trainer

Lillybell Harrison.png

Lilybell Harrison

Sales Trainer

Luke Newton.png

Luke Newton

Sales Trainer

Aidan profile.png

Adian O'Brien

Sales Manager

Ciara profile.png

Ciara Farren

Sales Manager

Keelan Profile.png

Keelan Devlin-Treloar

Sales Manager

Ari Profile pic.png

Ari Sarkissian

Executive Assistant

Luke Danson Profile.png

Luke Danson

Executive Assistant

Wesley Webber Profile.png

Wesley Weber

Executive Assistant

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