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Our Story

October 2014– After assembling a team with a multitude of backgrounds including Finance, Sales, Construction, Hospitality, and Retail, the team began a start-up project in Brisbane- Be Interactive was born!
The company was named and founded upon the values it stands for, in essence we want people to Be whoever they want to Be.

2015– Be Interactive built and maintained Business to Business and retail sales teams for their Queensland based clients. The client services covered many sectors, including medical research, healthcare and charity. Be Interactive generated over $1.5million in sales revenue throughout Queensland in 2015.

Sept 2016– Be Interactive expanded to Melbourne to begin a project linking Australia’s largest retailer and Australia’s premium telecommunication provider. This hybrid project will assist the client in their quest to build a Billion dollar campaign

Present- The success of the team saw the campaign expand to 110 locations in 18months. This success then enabled the team to begin two new projects to build and develop an innovative salesforce for clients in the non-for-profit and health foods industry.

Future– The next leg of our journey is yet to be written. If you want to play a part, we want to hear off you today.

You cannot swim for new horizons until you have courage to lose sight of the shore. – William Faulkner